SBGA - Blengini Ghirardelli




design and copyright by Daniel Libeskind

LOCATION Vilnius, Lithuania

DATE 2016

STATUS In design

CLIENT Lords LB Asset Management

BUILDING SIZE –20,000 sq. meter


The Downtown Tower-k18B is a harmonious progression of glass volumes that consists of a  18-storey  tower, set atop a 6-storey podium that are connected by a luminous glass-covered galeria. The building’s ground floor hosts public facilities including a restaurant, bar and retail as well as hotel and office lobbies. The geometry creates a unique expression enriching the city skyline and improving its multi-dimensionality. The bold, sculptural design of this multi-faceted glass tower reflects the light,  sky and  Lithuanian surroundings with a play of transparent and opaque surfaces.

The 20,000 sq. meter building complex is strategically located steps from the nexus of the White Bridge, Neris River and the Old Town, in the heart of the Vilnius business district on Konstitucijos Avenue 18B . The building will consist of office space, an upper scale hotel, dining, and public amenities.