SBGA - Blengini Ghirardelli




DATE 2018

STATUS complete

CLIENT Dieffebi

Ottaedro is a micro-architecture originated by the analysis of contemporary workspaces based on increasingly flexible organizational models. The choice of the octahedron as a joint system, two overlapping cone trunks that generate 8 symmetrical sides, comes from a study regarding statics and solidity, but it’s also a tribute to the wonderful illustrations of geometric figures, all united by the idea of perfection, realized by Leonardo da Vinci for the text De Divina Proportione of the mathematician Luca Pacioli. The text, wrote in 1496, is today among the treasures kept in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana of Milan.

Even the choice of colors finds a spontaneous reflection in the Da Vinci’s palette, with dusty and neutral colors, which contribute to creating a warm, welcoming environment, in the office and in every context.