SBGA - Blengini Ghirardelli Associati

Company profile

Company profile

SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli srl is a new professional enterprise dealing with planning on different scales, ranging from urban design to architecture and from interior design to product design.

The Company also cooperates with Studio Libeskind New York, acting as a co-designer and European local architect in strategic and technical design aspects and for the design and management of urban, commercial and cultural projects, as well as developing industrial design.

Our experience enables us to manage complex projects and processes on any scale though a pragmatic multidisciplinary approach centered around our clients, their ambitions and their availability.

We appreciate innovation and creativity and view our projects not only in terms of functionality, but also as bringing added value, both in terms of quality and marketing.


We produce smart, exciting and innovative projects, driven by our commitment to social, economic and environmental ideals. We steer clear of preconceptions, architectural styles and fixed methods, allowing each project to become a unique opportunity to research and analyze, and to approach the brief, location and context creatively.



Via Spinola 8E – interno 501

20149 Milano, Italia

+39 02 8407 2857 |

P.IVA. 09599890960


Professional service

Our experience ranges from urban design and buildings to interior design and industrial products.

We offer design services and follow every phases of the project,

from concept design to the construction documents phase and

construction supervision.



  • Master Planning & Urban Design

  • Architectural Design

  • Rehabilitation & Renovation

  • Interior Design

  • Space Planning & Agile Working Strategy

  • Landscape Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E)



  • Product Design

  • Exhibit Design

  • Graphic Identity Project (Branding)

  • Environmental Graphic Design



  • Project Management

  • Quality Control

  • Building Permit

  • Tendering

  • Construction Administration

  • Site Supervision